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Yasmine Aker, is an Iranian American artist, filmmaker, and grass roots activist passionate about women's rights, human rights, the environment and mental health advocacy.  She plays “Angelica” on Hulu’s Good Trouble and is the voice of “Kali” on the popular video game Rainbow Six Siege.  She recently appeared on the people’s choice awards when invited to share the spotlight along with 16 other activists at the People’s Choice Awards 2022 with Lizzo who was awarded the People’s Champion Award for her continued work in marginalized communities.


Yasmine is a writer, actor, director, singer and songwriter. She was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Iranian parents and later moved to Canada. Yasmine studied psychology at York University and the University of Western Ontario in London.  She has released several music albums, appeared as a guest on numerous podcasts and has starred in various motion pictures and television series in Canada and the United States. 

Yasmine works closely with various non-profit organizations as an activist to promote women's rights, human rights, and the promotion of secular democracy and sits on various advisory boards. She is one of the organizers of the 2022 Iranian LA Global Day of Action Protest on Oct 1st, and various other marches and rallies in Los Angeles for the Iranian 'Woman Life Freedom' movement.  

Yasmine is the founder of the beach clean-up initiative “Pick up Party LA”.  Founding member at Kino — a blockchain film funding company democratizing the film industry to make sure funding is accessible to more people wanting to create films. 

Yasmine also hosts and facilitate multi disciplinary healing workshops and recently organized music and healing events for Iranians in the Los Angeles area to help them deal with the emotional trauma of the ongoing revolution. 

Her short film "Okay" is a female led film about mental health and has recently won "Best First-Time Filmmaker" at the Dubai film festival 2022 in addition to winning various other awards in other film festivals, including best actress in a short film at the Studio City Film Festival 2022. She was nominated for best actress at the Diversity in Cannes festival 2023. 

Yasmine has over 15 years of training ranging from comedy improv at UCB and Second City to years of formal vocal training and years of theatrical training at various schools ranging from Meisner, to Alexander technique to Strasberg Method to, and currently under the tutelage of Gregory Berger's Berg Studios. She also has extensive stage combat training: hand to hand and weapons training, specializing in sword fighting. She is fluent in various  languages including: English and Farsi.