My Story

Several years ago, I was misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis; a year following that diagnosis my father passed away. A year after that, my marriage ended in divorce, then my non-biological mother-figure passed away. And oh yeah, I ended up at the hospital because I was having a nervous breakdown.

Ever since I was a child I suffered from migraines, joint pain, countless tumor and cyst removals, gastro intestinal problems, and insomnia. When I finally had my nervous breakdown, I was told to see a therapist. My therapist told me I had to “feel my feelings” but I had no idea what “feeling my feelings” actually meant.

The truth in Christian Nevell Bovee's words couldn’t be more pointed, “Tearless grief bleeds inwardly”. And my unwillingness to cry or listen to the truth, forced my physical body to cry elsewhere. So, I had to start the journey back to myself, a journey to live in alignment with my body, mind and soul. I’ve had to feel my feelings, cry my tears, listen to the truth, and learn how to heal inside and out.

My quest led me to talk therapy, physiotherapy, women’s groups, yoga, a Buddhist temple, reiki certification, embodied voice classes, trauma release exercise classes, mindfulness practice, and a music therapy internship. On my way back to myself I realized I had so much power within me to heal and now I have a responsibility to share this power with others so they can be active participants in their own healing and wellness.

People who have taken my workshop say it has them buzzing for the day and is a very powerful and meaningful experience. Private sessions are available! I work with you through meditation, call and response, tuning, somatic exercises, improvising harmonies, chanting, and reiki touch energy healing.